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  Painter of magic realism, selling original paintings and limited editions 

Marty Bell

Internationally collected oil painting artist Marty Bell, born in 1931,emerged with new developments in her style and direction. Propelled by her creative drive, vision and passion for unique beauty, her brushes produced even greater artistic expressions, appealing to a wide variety of contemporary and traditional tastes. Marty painted professionally since 1968. Although largely self-taught, early in her career she shared her talents for eleven years by teaching up to 40 students weekly. High popularity of her original paintings prompted the closing of  her art school to concentrate on her own work. With increasing market demand, she began producing limited edition reproductions and later formed Marty Bell Fine Art, Inc. in 1987 as her publishing company.  Marty has been honored by over 200 successful single or featured artist shows, has sold out more than 100 limited edition reproductions and sold over 2400 original paintings.  Marty Bell passed away October 15th, 2003, after a year and a half struggle with cancer.  She will be missed.

I met Marty Bell in 1991.  While attending our school auction, I noticed a painting donated by her.  I stood there enraptured in its beauty, until someone beside me mentioned that Marty's grandchildren attended our school.  It did not take me long to arrange a fieldtrip to go and see Marty's studio in Chatsworth, California.  About the same time I introduced and organized our district art festival.  Out of the seven years I ran it, Marty was our featured artist three times.  During this time, I got to know Steve, Marty's husband, and Jeff, one of her sons, quite well.  They were always encouraging and taught me a lot about the art business.  Since Marty's passing and Steve's retiring, her son Mark Bell has kept the family business going.  He no longer makes prints of his mother's work but is still producing his wife's paintings, and my work.  I am so thankful for Marty, her family, and their love for quality art.

Take a few minutes to wander through some of her fine art work in her online original gallery.  You will find her work inspiring and calming.  Please enjoy your tour.  Click on the link below to enter.  In the gallery you can click on picture to view a larger image.  All the paintings you see are for sale.  Send an email to find out more about sizes and prices.  Thanks for dropping by.    Marty Bell Gallery

Artist - Paul C. Dennis