Marty Bell Consignment Gallery Marty Bell Consignment Gallery Cobblestone / Sold This is a framed 16x20. It is a sold out edition so it is really worth about $1,000. It is on sale for $500. Contact me at paulcdennis@roadrunner if you are interested in this amazing edition. 199363865 Haven I have two canvas 250 S/N 24x30. They can be purchased framed or unframed. Unframed they are $485 plus taxes and shipping. Framed they are $685 plus taxes and shipping. This edition is now closed since Bell Fine arts is not producing these anymore so they are really worth at least twice this price. Now is the time to grab these while you can. 199804163 The Chatsworth Florist / Sold This is a framed limited edition 11x14 S/N #208/500. It has been keep out of direct light to preserve its colors and is for sale for $255.00. 199814619 The Periwinkle Tea Room / Sold 1865/2400 S/N sold out edition 24x36 selling for $1,500.00. 201001237 Sweetheart's Gate / Sold 2/750 S/N sold out edition 11x14 selling for $350.00. 201001238 Mill Hay Manor / Sold 4/25 A/P sold out edition 27x36 selling for $1,700.00. 201001256 Sunlight Sonata / Sold 3/950 S/N 24x30 selling for $1,000.00. 201001257 The Tucks Box Tea Room Carmel / Sold 89/500 S/N sold out edition 18"x24" selling for $750.00. 201001261 Periwinkle Tea Room This edition of Periwinkle Tea Room is selling for $1,500.00. It includes the certificate of authenticity and a couple of other handouts with Marty Bells life story and travels. It is #1669/2400. If interested, contact Heather Hamer at 202846404