Paul C. Dennis

  Painter of magic realism, selling original paintings and limited editions 

Garden Art

I began making these products for myself and then started selling to others who wanted the same. Each is hand-crafted and made as though it were my own. I trust you will enjoy looking at them and place an order for yours soon. Thank you for helping by sharing this page with your family and friends.

Since these products are all custom made, there are no refunds once an order is placed. These products are guaranteeed on workmanship for 30 days from the shipping date. Return shippment is at the customer's expense. Production and deliver takes about 4 weeks.

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These bridges add a special charm to any yard.  They are made from solid redwood and are 4' long, 2' wide, and 2' tall.  Order yours today for only $250.00 (Local delivery only)

Pump & Barrel

This little wooden pump and barrel are about 2 feet wide and about 2.5 feet tall.  It will add a charm to any backyard or patio.  The pump is made out of redwood and the barrel out of plastic to give you years of enjoyment and relaxation.  Order yours today! (Local Delivery Only)

2.5 ft. Pump and Barrel - $200.00

Wishing Well Planters

Wishing well planters bring up buckets of memories of hauling water as they now serve as an item of beauty growing flowers and bushes. Order yours today in solid redwood preseved with a water sealer and let a wishing well add its memories to your yard.

3' Wishing Well Planter with Bucket - $150.00

4' Wishing Well Planter with Bucket - $200.00

5' Wishing Well Planter with Bucket - $250.00

* Local Pick Up Only 

Dutch Windmills

Windmills add a special charm to any home. Each hand-crafted windmill turns smoothly in the wind, making your yard a center of interest as the blades gracefully rotate bring back memories of days of long ago.

2' Dutch Windmill - $100.00

3' Dutch Windmill - $150.00

4' Dutch Windmill - $200.00


Water Wheels

These quality handmade waterwheels stand about 3.5 feet tall and add a special dignity to any front or backyard. The wheel spins on a metal bearing to give it years of smooth operation as the steady turning and splashing of the waterwheel creates a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

3.5' Water Wheel and Bucket - $500.00